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Wedding fayre!!

Come and join lakes wedding hair at the newly refurbished Appleby Castle on March 20th 2016. Doors open at 10am. Catwalk show 12 noon and 2pm.


Free bridal hair trials available at the event and the chance to win your wedding!

See you there.


Ashley x

2015 weddings!

There are so many luxury and romantic destinations in the Lake District to get married that couples are spoilt for choice. Once you have picked the perfect location it is imperative to get all the details just right. The key to finding a hairstylist is finding another who shares you vision. We all have different taste so its finding someone who either has similar taste to you or who just simply understands your taste. Ask lots of questions you will gauge their experience based on their answers. Think about what questions they ask you. An experienced hairdresser will want to know details such as dress necklines, bridesmaids styles and hair types and other details such as your personal issues with your face/body/hair so they can style your hair in a way that makes you feel confident and not self-conscious. Try to book a practice and remember it is perfectly fine to book practices at different places!! Shop around many salons charge for travel some charge per hour, it can be misleading so carefully look at price structures and work it out! Look at pictures of hair they have completed but be careful many places download images from websites of hair that they haven’t done. This means glossy pictures don’t always mean the best salon!

Good luck and if in doubt pop in and visit any salon you are considering it is the best way to find the stylist right for you!

Ashley x

wedding hair 2014


This season has exploded with weddings in the Lake District and people are coming from far and wide to marry in Cumbria’s beautiful churches and exquisite hotels. This year yet again there is a shift in bridal hair design. Last year I had numerous brides recreating the Kate Middleton wedding style which was simple and elegant, however not always compatible with Cumbrian weather! This year the move is more towards “hair up” and this for me is much more suited both the weather and the busy and often stressful situation of a wedding day.

Brides need to consider where photos are being taken, if outside will you want to be panicking about your hair flying around in the breeze? Are you commuting from one venue to another which again can affect the longevity of the hairdo? Is there a veil and are you going to wear it all day or not? Many of my past and future brides venture onto a boat as part of their day. This is lovely …but…you may look like you have been dragged through a bush by tea-time!

Then there is the dress. The neckline will dictate the hairstyle and a brides physical attributes will also affect this. For example a bride with a nice slim neck and shoulder line will want to wear her hair up to accentuate these features. You can soften the look with dropped pieces of hair around the face and neck. Smaller brides may want hair placed higher on their head with detail at the top to lengthen their whole image.

This year there is a move towards hair braids and hair twists. This is a much softer and more bohemian look and works really well for people who prefer less structured looks and a more natural approach to their image. I think this works well with flowers in hair and even ribbon/material woven through the hair. Many with this look will opt for detailed clips/flowers or flatter less bulky headpieces as this image doesn’t always work with large tiaras which are more suited to more classical bridal styles. I would always advise a practice as it really puts a bride at ease to know what she is having and also to check tour initial hair plans are suited to you, your dress and plans for the day. As with dress hunting, people have ideas of hairstyles that don’t work when sampled! Brides often end up having a style that they didn’t think they would as tastes change once you start experimenting with styles and this is why a practice is very important. It is important to get it right for you as you will have to view these pictures for years to come and want to know that you won’t wince at your choice of style after a few anniversaries!